Christmas Blend


Welcome to this tutorial on how to blend photos in Corel PaintShop Pro. Blending photos can be a fun way to make a unique image using various components of different shots taken in the same location.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • How to import a multiple photos into the Photo Blend wizard.
  • How to use the Photo Blend basic tools.
  • How to process your final image.

When using the photo blend tool, it is important that the images you will be blending were shot either using a tri‑pod or at the very least, minimize movement at all costs.

1. Organize the images you wish to blend in a single folder, this will make it easier to select them when you're using the wizard in the program.

2. Next, Open Paintshop Pro and in the Navigator, select Browse more Folders to browse to the folder with your images.

3. Click on the File menu and choose Photo Blend, alternatively, select the 3 images in the Organizer, and right mouse click. Select Photo Blend.

Note: This wizard can be accessed from any of the three workspaces in PaintShop Pro.


4. The Getting Started: Photo Blend panel will pop up to provide some information on this feature and how it works. To prevent this window from popping up in the future, you can simply put a check mark in the lower left corner and then click Close.

5. In this example I have 3 family photos of a visit to Santa the images were taken without a tripod and so I will use the Align option, as it will automatically adjust the images so that the background match.

6. Click on the first photo in the tray and then select Brush In.

7. You can increase the brush size to cover a larger area or reduce it to make detailed adjustments. Brush over the subject you wish to keep in the shot.

When this is complete, repeat the steps for the next two photos.

You will notice that any areas you have brushed in, have automatically been brushed out of the other photos. This is normal, however in cases where the subjects of one shot overlap another, like in this example here, you may want to make some slight adjustments.

8. When you have completed the three images, click the "Use the selected image as background" and then click the Process button and the photos will be blended.

Once the images have been blended, we can do a bit of fine tuning.

9. First, I'll crop the image, do a bit of adjustment with the brightness and saturation and finally use the clone tool to hide the seam in the background.

10. Now it is simply a matter of clicking on Save and Close, give the file a name and save the file.

11. Send the image to all your friends and family so that they can enjoy your happiness this holiday season.

Merry Christmas

Thank you for watching this tutorial on how to use the Photo Blend feature in Corel PaintShop Pro.


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