Color Managment using Adobe Color Managment Module (CMM)


Using Adobe Color Managment Module with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4

Choosing advanced color management settings

When you choose color profiles, colors are matched between devices as closely as possible by the color management module (CMM) of the Kodak Color Management System, which is the default CMM. Color management modules are also known as “color matching modules.”

You can also use one of the following color matching modules:

  Microsoft Image Color Management (ICM)


  Windows Color System (for Windows Vista users)


  Adobe CMM if it is installed on your computer.


To download and install the Adobe CMM, visit the Adobe Web site at the folowing link.


Note that the Microsoft ICM, Windows Color System, and Adobe CMM do not change the color profiles that are used by CorelDRAW. If you want the application to use the same color profiles as those of the selected color management module, you must select the appropriate color profiles in the Color Management dialog box.


To choose a color engine and rendering intent

1.   Click Tools Color management.


2.   Click the Internal RGB icon .


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