Configuring the BDE version 4 0 and higher to allow multi user table access

Paradox may give a message saying: "Only one user at a time can access the Paradox data on the network "

One will want to configure the BDE (version 4.0 and higher) to allow multi-user table access.

1. Paradox 10 and 11 - Click on Start Control Panel or Start, Settings, Control Panel and then (double) click on BDE Administrator
2. After the BDE Administrator has opened:

  • Select the Configuration Tab.
  • Click on the + sign beside Configuration
  • Click on the + sign beside Drivers
  • Click on the + sign beside Native
  • Select Paradox
  • On the right side of this window under Definition, you will see NET DIR. The NET DIR should be set to a folder on the network that all the workstations have FULL rights to (read, write, modify) Note: It is preferred that the Drive letter that is used for the mapped drive be the same on each workstation)

3. Now you should set LOCAL SHARE to True

  • Click on the + sign beside System
  • In the left side of the BDE Administrator window
  • Select INIT On the right side, under Definition you will see LOCAL SHARE. This option may be set to FALSE (by default) and will need to be changed to TRUE
  • After the changes have been made, click on OBJECT (in the menu), click on APPLY, click on OK, click on OK, and then close the BDE Administrator

4. After configuring the BDE it is good practice to search the local hard drives of all workstations and the Server for *.lck and *.net files and delete the files pertaining to Paradox. The two file names that may be found are and

NOTE: when performing this search make sure that no one is using Paradox until you have had a chance to complete the search and have deleted the proper files from ALL the STATIONS and Server


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