Copying Disc Contents using Corel DVD MovieFactory 7

Would you like to share a copy of your much-loved video or music file with your friends or relatives? Whether this is a disc image file or a file stored on a CD, you can get this important project done in a few simple steps using Corel DVD Movie Factory 7.

To copy disc contents:


1. Launch DVD Movie Factory 7.


2. Click Burn and select Copy disc. This will bring up the Copy Disc window.



3. Identify the file that you want to copy in 'Copy Disc window. Click Options >> Load/Eject'Disc if your source file if from the disc.



4. Insert your source file/disc into the disc drive.


5. Select the drive that you want to use as the destination.
(You can also choose convert the disc contents as a disc image file)


6. You can customize your burning options by clicking “More advanced settings”


7. Click Copy to start the burn process.


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