Corel(R) Painter(TM) 11 - Release Notes

Corel(R) Painter(TM) 11 - Service Pack 1

Corel Painter 11 Version Number Table

Each application has a version number, if you want to know the full version number of your installation on Windows, click > Help > About, within the application. On Macintosh click > Painter 11 > About Painter 11.

LanguageReleasePlatformVersionVersion After SP1 is Applied
English Initial Windows 11.0.016
English Hot Fix Windows 11.0.017
Japanese Initial Windows 11.0.020
Japanese Hot Fix Windows 11.0.021
Korean & Chinese Traditional Initial Windows 11.0.023
Chinese Simplified Initial Windows 11.0.026
German, French & Italian Initial Windows 11.0.028
English Initial Macintosh 11.0.016
Japanese Initial Macintosh 11.0.020
Korean & Chinese Traditional Initial Macintosh 11.0.024
Chinese Simplified Initial Macintosh 11.0.026
German, French & Italian Initial Macintosh 11.0.028

Service Pack 1 offers enhancement in the following areas:


  • Improved on-screen transformations when using the Transformations tool.
  • Enhanced rendering when applying transformations, which produces a better preview of the final transformed content.
  • Transforming layer content that is larger than, or outside, the canvas is no longer clipped to the edge of the canvas. Residual effect of an anti-aliased edge is no longer left on-screen after making a selection. Undoing a transformation works as expected.
  • Residual artifacts do not remain on-screen.


Copying and Pasting

  • Improved copying and pasting from other applications.
  • Copying text into Painter works as expected.



  • Selecting the eraser, resizing it, and then switching to the original brush, maintains both the brush and the eraser size.


Color Management

  • When color management is enabled, colors display as expected when displaying documents on a second monitor.
  • User-installed color profiles that are stored within the user folder appear as expected in the Painter color management settings.
  • Opening files without color management, or with color management disabled, will now appear unmodified.
  • An image’s color profile is maintained when the image is cloned.
  • Painter no longer crashes when opening a JPEG with an embedded CMYK profile.



  • When idling, CPU usage is reduced.
  • Painter is more responsive within a Windows Vista 64-bit environment.
  • When resizing a brush to a larger brush size, minimal memory errors should occur.
  • The Open Document dialog box within Mac OSX10.5 and Mac OSX10.6 displays correctly.
  • Paperselector is available. You no longer need to open a document to access it.



  • Smart-stroke painting system is reset when re-starting to allow multiple auto-painting attempts.
  • If the smart-stroke painting system is stopped and then re-started, it starts from the beginning, instead of starting where the previous image was stopped.
  • If the smart-stroke painting system is stopped and then you open a second image for painting, the new painting starts from the beginning, instead of starting where the previous image was stopped.
  • Clone color can be turned off, which allows the auto-painting to paint with its own color.


Color Wheel / Mixer

  • Resizing Color Wheel and Mixer palettes appear within their own palettes, which will allow you to resize them separately.


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