Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3 Release Notes

VideoStudio Pro X3 Service Pack 2 Release Notes

Service Pack 2 includes the following fixes and enhancements to improve the performance of VideoStudio Pro X3:

  • Better stability when working with NewBlue® effects and filters
  • Better stability and performance when working with AVCHD™, QuickTime® MOV and MP4 files
  • Available YouTube™ upload time extended to 15 minutes
  • Improved compatibility for newer Adobe® Flash® players
  • New iPad® HD profile added
  • New support for OpenType® fonts

IMPORTANT:To install this update, the original CD may be required. Please note: Each application has a version number. If you want to know the full version number of your installation, click Help, About in any Corel application, or check the volinfo.txt file at the root of Programs CD.


Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3 Service Pack 1 Release Notes


Corel is pleased to announce Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X3 Service Pack 1. This product update delivers a variety of enhancements and new functionality. The patch will update your copy of VideoStudio Pro X3 to version

Service Pack 1 consists of three download components:

(1) VideoStudio Pro X3 application update
(2) SmartSound® performance update
(3) "MLE" Database Engine update, which corrects compatibility issues with PaintShop Photo Pro X3

Corel recommends that you install all three components. If you have already installed these updates via the auto-update feature within the Corel Guide, these patches will not be required.

Do you need this service pack?

You can determine if you have the latest version of VideoStudio Pro X3 by consulting your version number. Simply open the Corel Guide icon at the top-right of your screen and click the gears icon. Then select "About Corel VideoStudio X3". Any version number after "" can be considered up to date.


Application and Components Initial Release Service Pack 1
VideoStudio Pro X3 13.6.2.XXX (any build number after may be considered up to date)

What the update provides

The VideoStudio product team is particularly excited by the addition of new High Speed Color Correction tools and other speed and performance updates, as well as a new, powerful DVD authoring alternative in the form of DVD MovieFactory™ 7 SE.

Most prominent among the new capabilities introduced in this service pack are:


  • New! High Speed Color Correction – new multicore- and GPU-optimized color correction tools provide VideoStudio Pro X3 with a new engine that adjusts and enhances color in real time
  • New! Advanced DVD authoring with DVD MovieFactory Pro 7 SE – DVD MovieFactory 7 SE provides a more advanced DVD authoring solution for those seeking a step up from DVD Factory Pro 2010
  • Updated content and extras – Service Pack 1 gives you all fonts, templates and other extra content provided to date through Corel Guide
  • Updated camera support – broadened MPEG-4 capabilities add support for additional cameras, including selected cameras from Flip, Canon and more
  • Enhanced stability, performance and bug fixes

Other fixes and enhancements include:


  • Updated online and local help
  • "Create Disc" integration when DVD MovieFactory 7 SE is installed
  • Improve AVCHD™ (H.264) hardware and software encode quality
  • Fix for NewBlue® filter preset extension name error
  • Fix for DivX® file import and conversion problems
  • Improved AVI, 3GP, MOV and MP4 file compatibility
  • Enhanced "Save to trimmed video" for H.264 format
  • Fix for "Two pass encode" quality problem
  • Addition of new "Mute" feature in Instant project
  • Enhanced Vimeo sharing workflow, including authentication-free uploading
  • Fix to allow import of digital media to specified library folders
  • Fix for ripple editing bug (enabling ripple editing no longer causes disappearance of audio track video)
  • Enhanced audio performance, including fix for audio noise issues experienced in some songs
  • Update to new database engine to fix compatibility issues with PaintShop Photo Pro X3
  • Vimeo 'tab' key no longer loses focus when clicked
  • Fix for sporadic crashes within certain NewBlue effect scenarios
  • Improved performance of drag and drop SmartSound® audio on audio track
  • Addition of "simple DVD template"
  • Quality improvements with CUDA performance – MPEG SD to H.264 AVCHD 1920
  • Improved AVCHD to BD H.264 (re-render)
  • Improved DXVA (hardware) rendering quality
  • Fix for project playback of audio in MOV file
  • Fix for import of specific MP4 files (Ultra HD)
  • Enhanced AVCHD to DVD "2 pass encode" quality
  • Fix for sporadic crash when playing back certain VIS files
  • Fix for occasional video import problem where only audio would be imported
  • Improved compatibility when importing 3G2 files
  • Improved compatibility when importing certain MP4 files
  • Fixed the NewBlue extension name of preset showing random code


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