How do I Activate the Deep Exploration 5.5?

Deep Exploration 5.5 can be activated automatically via the Internet (recommended) or via Email (manual):


  1. Enter your Activation code in the 'Standalone License Activation' tab via the main menu > Help > Activate Deep Exploration > Deep Exploration 5 Activation.
  2. Choose one of following options:
    1. If you have an Internet connection, select the 'Automatic via Internet' option and click 'Automatic'.
      Note: if you have a firewall installed, please allow Deep Exploration to access the Internet.
    2. If you do not have an Internet connection, select the 'Email Activation' option and click 'Send Email'. An email will be generated automatically with the required information. Click 'Send'. Shortly after you have sent the email, you will receive a reply email with a unique License Code. The license code should be copied (Ctrl-C) and pasted (Ctrl-V) into theLicense Code text field.
  3. Close dialog and restart Deep Exploration.

If you require immediate assistance please dial your nearest Technical Support Center.


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