How do I install Fonts from the second CD

WordPerfect Office Retail versions come with a second CD that includes Clip Art, Photos and 1000 True Type fonts.

This document will outline how to install Fonts from the second WordPerfect CD. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Insert your second CD.
  2. Go into My Computer. My computer is located on your desktop or within the Windows Start menu.
  3. Right click on the second install CD ( this is usually labeled CD2 ) and left click on Open.
  4. Open the Fonts folder.
  5. Open the TTF folder.
  6. All fonts on the second CD are all categorized into folders from A through to Z. Double click on the folder which corresponds to the name of the font you would like to install. Each font has an 8 character file name which can make it difficult to identify. To install the font, click on it once.
  7. Once the desired font is highlighted, go up to the Edit menu and select Copy.
  8. Click on Start and go up to Settings, select Control Panel. If you have Windows XP, Control Panel is listed under the start menu.
  9. Go into the Fonts folder. If you see a screen which says Pick A Category click on the option Switch To Classic View, then go into the Fonts folder.
  10. Go up to the Edit menu and select paste.
  11. You may need to restart your computer. Once this is done you should have access the newly installed font from within WordPerfect.


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