How To Add and Remove Clips to Library


To add media clips to the Library:

1. Click Add to create a new library folder where your media clips will be saved.
Note: You can add custom folders to separate your personal media clips from sample media clips for more efficient editing or to keep all clips that belong to one project in a single folder.

2. Click Import Media Files to locate your files.
3. Select all files you want to import.
4. Click Open.

Click Browse from the Library Panel to open the File Explorer where you can drag and drop files to the Library or Timeline directly. You can also drag and drop files from Windows Explorer straight to the Library.

To delete media clips from the Library:

1. Select the clip to remove from the Library, then press [Delete Delete]. Or, right-click the clip in the Library and select Delete.
Note: This action only deletes the Library media clip entry in the program. You can still access the actual file from the path where it is saved.

2. When prompted, verify whether you want to delete the thumbnail from the Library. You can also import your exported Library to restore media files and other library information. Click on Settings > Library Manager > Import Library and find the directory you specified.
Note: To reset your Library to the default settings, select Settings > Library Manager > Reset Library.

3. To automatically locate and relink the files in your library, click File > Relink. A notification on the number of clips relinked successfully will be displayed.

If there are clips left unlinked, you can manually relink them by browsing for the corresponding file in your computer.


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