How to add or import a title clip in the beginning of the project

When inserting a clip in the main video track on the timeline, it will automatically be moved to the left side of the timeline; this is because the main video track cannot have an empty space before a clip unlike when using an overlay track.

Adding a title clip at the beginning of the timeline without a clip in the main video track positioned at 00:00:00:00 duration is not possible in VideoStudio Pro X5.

Introductory titlecan be done by adding a color chip, image clip, or video clip on the main video track; this will serve as the background or the title clip. To do this:

1. Open an existing project in VideoStudio Pro X5.

2. Enable the Ripple Editing on each timeline tracks with imported clips.

3. Click Graphic option from Media Library,then import ablack color clip to the beginning of Main video track.

4. Add a title clip; adjust its duration as well as the color clip duration if needed.

Preview your project from the Preview Screen.


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