How to add transitions in VideoStudio Pro X5?

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Transitions can help your movie switch smoothly from one scene to the next. They can be applied to single clips or in between clips on all tracks in the Timeline. Effective use of this feature can add a professional touch to your movie.

There are 16 types of transitions in the Library. For every type, you choose a specific preset effect by using the thumbnails.

To add a transition

In the Corel VideoStudio Pro Editor, do one of the following: Click Transitions in the Library and select from various categories of transitions from the drop-down list. Scroll through the transitions in the Library. Select and drag an effect between two video clips in the Timeline. Drop your effect and it will snap into place. Note: You can only drag and drop one transition at a time. Double-click a transition in the Library to automatically insert it into the first empty transition slot between two clips. Repeat this process to insert a transition at the next cut. To replace a transition in your project, drag the new transition onto the transition thumbnail for replacement in the Storyboard View or Timeline View. Overlap two clips in the Timeline.

To add a transition automatically Select Settings > Preferences > Edit, then select Automatically add transition effect. Choose a transition effect from the Default transition effect drop-down menu. The default transition is added automatically between clips. Note: A default transition is always added automatically between overlapping clips, whether the automatically add transition effect in Preferences is enabled or not.

To add a selected transition to all video track clips Select the thumbnail of the transition. Click the Apply current effect to video track button or right-click on the transition and select Apply current effect to video track.

To add random transitions to all video track clips

Click the Apply random effect(s) to video track button

To customize a preset transition

Double-click a transition effect in the Timeline. Modify the attributes or behavior of the transition in the Options Panel.

To delete a transition Click on the transition to be removed and press [Delete Delete]. Right-click on the transition and select Delete. Drag to separate two clips with transition effect.

Adding transitions to My Favorites

You can collect your favorite transitions from different categories and save them in the My Favorites folder. This way, you can easily find the transitions you use most often.

To save a transition in My Favorites Select the thumbnail of the transition. Click the Add to My Favorites button to add the transition in the Favorites Library list.


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