CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Service Pack 2 Release Notes

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Service Pack 2



Application workspace

  • Additional Gallery images have been added to the Welcome Screen in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.
  • Navigation buttons for the Gallery Images were added to the Welcome Screen in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.
  • Property bar now updates after repeating transformations and position when nudging objects.
  • Using the Scroll wheel or Alt+arrows with text and/or curve objects on the page no longer causes screen refresh issues.
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 now launches properly when Autodesk Inventor, Mechanical 2009, or MS SQL Server 2008 are installed on the system.
  • Colors now import correctly when importing icons in the Customization dialogue. Colors are improved but still convert to an optimized palette of 256 colors.

Document Controls

  • Page tabs on multipage documents are now more accessible when sorting and modifying pages.


  • Custom indent settings and hanging indents are now retained when saving a drawing as CorelDRAW (.CDR) Version 13.0.
  • Bullet spacing is now properly applied to text following a blank line when using the indent control on the ruler.
  • Refresh issues, specifically with non-printing characters, have been resolved when moving a text object.
  • Visual feedback is now available when adjusting line, character, or word spacing with the Shape tool in Wireframe mode.
  • Highlighted text no longer deselects when attempting to change the font.
  • Leading words in a bulleted list are no longer inaccurately flagged as misspelled.
  • When using CTRL+A to select text in a text edit state, and the text overflows the text frame, the cut/copy options from the menu and the property bar are no longer disabled.

Vector Effects

  • The Create boundary effect has been improved to be more consistent with previous versions.
  • Drop shadows applied to text objects no longer cause display issues when placed over a PowerClip object.
  • Drop shadows applied to a text object with the outline set to "Behind Fill" now applies the drop shadow to the fill.
  • Alt+right drag now copies outline to text object


  • Opening files containing many color styles no longer causes instability.

Native File I/O

  • Saving files to previous versions after adding a new page no longer becomes unstable.
  • Saving settings as default no longer bloats the file size.

Object Attributes & Controls

  • The object position is now properly updated on the property bar when nudging objects and performing transformation operations such as Edit, Repeat (CTRL+R).
  • The rotation value for scaled objects is now displayed properly on the property bar.
  • Objects dragged into a group within the Object Manager now appear correctly when an Undo action is performed.
  • Importing a single-layer CDR file into another single-layer CDR file no longer imports the file onto a new layer.


  • Re-sizing layouts containing tables no longer incorrectly prints the table bounding area.
  • Print Merge has been enhanced to properly merge text attributes of a data placeholder.
  • Enhanced output of small lines in custom pattern fills.
  • Barcodes now appear on the black separation layer only, instead of separating to all four colors.


  • Referencing DataItems and then setting another reference to the DataItem object and changing a property no longer causes instability.
  • Obtaining curve data via CorelDRAW IDrawSubPath GetCurveInfo () no longer causes instability.

Import/Export Filters


  • Exporting a single-page document as an uncompressed TIF no longer results in a two-page document in ACDSee.


  • RAW support for the following camera models has been added: Panasonics LX3 and FZ28,
    Nikon D90, P6000 and D700, Canon EOS 50D and EOS 1000D, Canon PowerShot SD300,
    Sony A900, Kodak C603, and Olympus E-520.

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

  • Last-used settings are now maintained on Vista.
  • Improved editable import on Vista.


  • Files no longer import with duplicated layers or with layers in the wrong order.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

  • Accessing the Settings dialog with a large CDR file open no longer causes instability.
  • Date created and date modified info is now saved with the PDF.
  • Rotated bitmaps now maintain bitmap resolution information on import or open of a PDF.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Version Number Table:

Version Number of Initial Release
Version Number with Service Pack 1
Version Number with Service Pack 2
CorelDRAW X4





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