How To Apply Gloss Effect on Images in CorelDraw

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to apply gloss effect on images using CorelDraw. This tutorial will help you add depth to a product photo.


Step 1
Create a new document in CorelDraw and Import an image.

Step 2

Click on the Bezier Tool in the ToolBox

Step 3
Using the bezier tool create the highlight on the glass of the watch by creating points and connecting the points to close the highlight.


Step 4
Click on the Uniform Fill on the Tools Toolbar.

In the Uniform Fill window, choose the color white and then click on OK.

The image should appear as below:


Step 5
Click on Shape Tool in the Tools Toolbar.

Using the Shape Tool, convert the line segments to curve to reshape the highlight to fit the contours of the image.


Step 6
Click on the Transparency Tool in the Tools Toolbar.

Set the Transparency Type to Uniform

And the opacity to 80 or higher depending on your preference

Step 7

Zoom out to see the final result


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