How to Backup the WordPerfect Address Book

This article is a walk through for backing up the WordPerfect Address Book. It is recommended by Corel to backup the address book regularly. This procedure might also be necessary if it is required to uninstall WordPerfect or move the address book to another machine.


Export the Address Book

Note: Address books can only be exported one at a time. Repeat this procedure for each address book that needs to be backed up.

  1. From the WordPerfect address book, click on the File menu
  2. Select Import/Export Expert
  3. Click on the Export option
  4. In the Export To dropdown, make sure that "Text File (*.CSV, *.TXT)" is selected
  5. Click on the Next button
  6. In the Export From box, expand the Address Book tree and click on the book to export
  7. In the Export To box, select a location and type in a filename for your exported address book
  8. Click on the Next button
  9. The Text File Options window that comes up next is important if you are exporting this address book to another program. For back up purposes, leave this screen alone and click on Next
  10. In the Field Mapping window, select the fields from your address book to export. This will allow you to shrink the file size of your address book, specially if each of your address book entries do not have a lot of information. For example, if you never enter any Anniversary dates, than it is not nessessary to export the Anniversary field.
  11. Click on the Next button
  12. Review your choices anc click on the Finish button to export your book


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