How to change eye color in Paint Shop Pro


This is a simple tutorial on how to changea person'seye color using Paintshop Pro.

1. Click Open tab from the File menu to select an image to work with. Or Ctrl+O from your keyboard.


2. Select the Freehand tool from the Selection drop down tool bar.

3. Carefully trace the iris. Hold the Shift key from your keyboard to trace the other side.

4. Then select Color from the Adjust menu, then Red/Green/Blue or Shift+U from your keyboard.

5. Adjust the levels of the red, green and blue to reach the color you want. Then click OK.

6. You can adjust the brightness of the eye by selecting Brightness and Contract from the Adjust menu or Shift+B from your keyboard.

7. Adjust the Brightness and Contrast level as you desire. Then click OK.

8. Save your file by Selecting Save or simply press Ctrl+S from your keyboard.

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