How To Change The Default Line Width in CorelDRAW®

1. Create a New document

2. Select the Rectangle Tool (F6) and draw a line.

3. Change the outline to Hairline


To change the default line width on all future documents follow these steps.

4. Open Object Styles | ToolsObject Styles {CTRL + F5}


5. When opening the Object Styles Docker, it will dock to the right side of our workspace. It is necessary to select the Default Object Properties at that point. To open up the properties box, click the triangle to the left of the menu option.


6. Once you click on the triangle your Object Properties will expand out to show you a variety of media types. Select Graphic.

7. After selecting the graphic, the line attributes box appears. Under Width, select Hairline from the drop down menu.

8. Select the Export and the Import command, then select the Set as New Document Defaults.

9. Add a check to Default object properties. This will change the defaults for any future documents.

10. Click OK


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