How to change the Save As File Default Folder in WordPerfect?


To change the Save As File Default Folder, please follow these steps:


(1) Open or launch WordPerfect

(2) On the Menu toolbar, click File

(3) Select and click Save As...

The Save As - dialog box will appear.

(4) Click Edit (in the Save As dialog box)

(5) Select and click "Change Default Folder" (wherein a check mark will appear)

NOTE: As long as the check mark appears beside the Change Default Folder, the last folder where you have saved the file will become the default folder when you save the file or close the Save As - dialog box and every time you save a file, it automatically saves it to the specified folder.

TIP: If you want to retain the specific folder as your Save As Default Folder, click to check the Change Default Folder.

(6) Specify the drive or folder you want to save a file

(7) Click Edit again and click Change Default Folder (wherein a check mark will appear)

(8) Click Save or Click Close


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