How To Create a 'Carved in Stone' Effect in Corel® PhotoPaint



1. Create a new image (File ▸ New)

24-Bit RGB, white background, 500x300 pixels, 300 dpi.

2. Create text using a thick square font such as Impact

- set size to 36 points
- select a color
- center the text in the middle of the document using the Pick tool


3. Fill the Text with a stone texture.

- Select the Fill tool in the Toolbox
- Select Bitmap fill and click on Edit fill and select a wood pattern.

4. In the Objects docker, right click on the text layer and select Create Mask from Objects

5. Go to Effects3D effectsThe Boss

6. In The Boss dialog box, select the Edge tab and set the following parameters:

Width: 7
Height: 25
Smoothness: 16
Drop off: Flat
Invert: Checked

7. Select the Lighting tab and set the following parameters:

Brightness: 72
Sharpness: 23
Direction: 312
Angle: 42

8. Click OK.


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