Adding music to a PhotoShow project

Your PhotoShow will have a default song already added to your Show. The music, and it's duration, is represented by a colored box around your photos and will have blue "handles" on each end of the song where you can extend the length of the song or shorten it to the photos you want to pair it with. There is not limit to the amount of songs you can add to a Show.

Note: You must a be a PhotoShow Premium subscriber to add your own .MP3 or iTunes .AAC music files to PhotoShow projects.

Adding Music

  1. Login to your PhotoShow Premium account or launch the PhotoShow 6 desktop software.
  • Add your photos.
  • Click the 2 Personalize tab, and then click the Music and Photos tab.
  • Your show will have default music already added (depending on the theme you chose). If you prefer to use the song for the whole PhotoShow, you can grab the blue "handle" and extend it by dragging it over all of your photos.
  • If you want to add a new song, hover your mouse over the picture where you want the song to start and click the red music note in the upper right corner.
  • You have two options to add music:
    • Select a music genre in the Categories list on the left, and then click song under theSong Title list on the right. The selected song will automatically play a preview. If you like the song, click OK.
    • Add your own .MP3 or iTunes .ACC file by clicking on My Music under the Categorieswindow. Browse your computer until you find the song you want and then click Open. You can only add one song at a time.


  • The new song now appears as a different color around your photos.
  • Drag the blue handles of each song until you have them matched up to the photos you want the songs to play along to.
  • Click the Preview button in the upper left to see how it looks and sounds.
  • Complete customizing your PhotoShow or click Done to finish.

    Deleting Music
    1. Open your PhotoShow.
  • Click the 2 Personalize tab, and then click the Music and Photos tab.
  • Hover your mouse over the title of the song ands then click the red "X" next to it.


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