Blank disc is not recognized in Creator 6

Follow the listed procedure to ensure that the CD/DVD media you are using is supported by your CD/DVD Recorder.

On Easy CD and DVD Creator:

  1. Open Creator Classic.
    1. Launch Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.
    2. Click on the Creator Classic icon.


  • Check the supported media types.
    1. Click on Tools on the top left hand corner of the window, then select Drive Properties.
    2. Under the Devices section, click on your CD/DVD Recorder drive.
    3. Under Supported Media, click on down arrow to see a list of supported media your CD/DVD Recorder supports.
    4. Ensure that media type that you are using is listed here. If it is not listed then your CD/DVD Recorder does not support that type of media.

On Easy Media Creator:

  1. Launch Disc Information.
    1. Launch Roxio Creator Home menu.
    2. Click on the Tools tab, then select Disc Information.


  • Check the supported media types.
    1. Under Supported Media, ensure the media type is listed.

Note: If problem persists, the article You have a general issue burning your disc will resolve most burning related issues.


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