Can Studio 11 install along side another version of Studio

Although it is possible to install Studio 11 while an older version of Studio is still installed on the computer, it is not recommended. Studio 11 is meant to be used as the only version of Pinnacle Studio installed on the system.

When trying to install Studio 11 when another version of Studio is already installed, the following dialogue will appear:

It is advised to click Yes to stop the installation. Then uninstall the other Studio version before installing Studio 11.

If you need to have SmartSound installed to use along with Studio 11, click No at this dialogue. Please note that Studio 11 comes equipped with Scorefitter which is the replacement for Smartsound.

NOTE 1: This only applies if you are installing from a Studio 11 Upgrade, which requires proof of previous Studio ownership. You need to make sure you have your discs and serial number of your previous Studio version before uninstalling.

NOTE 2: Uninstalling previous versions of Studio will not delete old projects or footage since these files are by default stored in the My Documents area.


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