Capturing web video with Toast 11

To capture and convert Web Video:

  1. Launch Toast 11.
  • Click the blue Convert button and then double-click Video Files.
  • On the right, click the Media tab, then select Video, then select Web Video.
  • Launch your web browser and open up and play video from your favorite Flash-basedvideo sharing site.

Tip: While you do not need to play the entire video in your browser, you should wait until the entire video is loaded or played in your browser before using it in a project.

Note: some Flash-based video sites have copy-protection or are not compatible and may not allow capture via Toast.

  • Switch back to Toast and you will now see the video you just watched in your Media Browser under Web Video.
  • Drag it into the Content Area.
  • Once in the Content Area, you can edit your web video just like any other video file you bring into Toast.
  • Click thered Convert button, and you're ready to begin converting it to a friendlierformat for use on your Mac or portable device.


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