Installing CorelCAD in Windows


When you install CorelCAD you will first need to install Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). This will be installed automatically as explained here:

VSTA Installation

CorelCAD for Windows provides VSTA functionality which requires Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) 2.0 to be installed on your PC.
When you start the CorelCAD setup (CorelCAD.exe), the installation program checks if VSTA is already installed on your machine.
If not, the installation establishes the preconditions for the VSTA installation and then installs VSTA. In some very seldom cases, an automatic reboot of Windows is required (if the Windows Installer is not installed on the PC).

CorelCAD Setup

The actual CorelCAD Setup starts with License Agreement Confirmation.

Installing CorelCAD is straightforward and quick:
Accept the default folder for installation or specify your individual installation folder
Specify who may use the installation on your machine (all users, just you)

It is recommended to accept the default settings. These conform with Windows standard, for example for the installation folder.

Once the CorelCAD files are copied to the destination folders and the Setup is completed successfully you can start CorelCAD to test it in demo mode or to activate the software to run as trial version or as full version.

If you do not start CorelCAD right away, choose the program call later from the Windows Start Menu:
The link created in the Windows Start Menu looks like this:

As long as you have not activated CorelCAD, you will be presented with the following dialog box when you start the application:

At this point, you can Activate CorelCAD either as Trial Version or as Full Version .
Run will execute CorelCAD in demo mode with no output functionality (print, save, export is not possible in demo mode).

You can download a version of this article including screenshots as a PDFby clicking on the download link at the end.

For information on activating CorelCAD on Windows, please refer to this article: (Article tbc)




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