Studio 15 Archive Restore error Error while restoring project

The message "Error while restoring project!" will appear when restoring an archived project if that project archive was given a name with more than one space in between any two characters. An example of a name that would fail is: “example archive” (there are two spaces in between “example” and “archive”).

If this occurs, the solution is to rename the archive files. In the Archive folder you will find 3 items; two are the archive files that need to be renamed. Here is an example using the “example archive” naming.

1. Media folder (File folder containing project media)

2. example archive.prj (PRJ file)

3. example archive (Studio project)

To resolve the problem, right click on #2 and 3 and select Rename. Rename each file to eliminate more than one space between characters. The names for #2 and 3 should match except for the .prj extension.


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