Unable to Import a DVD or Blu Ray Disc in Pinnacle Studio

There can be a couple of reasons why you might be having trouble importing a DVD or Blu-Ray disc in Pinnacle Studio. If you are experiencing this problem you might be seeing one of the following messages:


Message 1: DVD/BD not found

This message indicates that one of the following conditions may exist:


  • There is no disc in the drive.
  • The disc in the drive is blank.
  • The wrong drive is selected in the importer.

In this case ensure that the correct disc is inserted in the correct disc drive and try again.


Message 2: Cannot import. The root directory of the selected drive does not contain a valid DVD/BD image structure. To import data disks – please select the drive under Import from > My Computer.

This message indicates that the disc you are trying to import is a data disc rather than a disc with a valid DVD or Blu-Ray disc structure. This means that there may be files on the disc that Studio can use, but you do not import these files the same way that you would a playable DVD/Blu-ray.

In order to import the files on this type of disc, select the “My Computer” option in the “Import from” section of the Importer. Next, select the drive that has the data disc in it. Once this is complete you will be able to see all supported files on that disc. Select the desired files and click Start Import.


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