Update Manager Service issues and resolutions

For MyDVD 6.x or Digital Media Studio:

This may be caused by removing certain non-Sonic/Roxio applications that share file resources with our Sonic/Roxio software. To fix, you will need to replace these files with this fix utility:

Be sure all Sonic and Roxio applications are shut down before launching this utility. This hotfix requires a reboot. No reinstallation of the software is necessary.


  1. There are no separate user settings to limit the frequency with which Update Manager checks for updates. Currently supported Roxio software allows users to opt out of Update manager Activation. To disable Update Manager do the following:
    • Launch the software
    • Go to Tools --> Options --> General.
    • Uncheck "Check for updates" under the "Start up" payne.
    • Click OK.
  2. This can also be an error of the Update Manager unsuccessfully attempting to update itself. To update, remove this program using the Add/Remove Programs control panel. It will be called either "Roxio Update Manager" or "Sonic Update Manager". Then download the latest version here and install.
  • If you decide to permanently remove the Update Manager, it will not affect the performance of any Sonic or Roxio software currently installed on the system.
  • If Update Manager fails to uninstall, corruption has occurred that prevents removal. You will have to manually remove Update Manager:
    • Go to My Computer --> C:\\Program Files\Sonic. If there is a folder named Update Manager, right click on it and select delete.
    • Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\<--user name-->\Application Data\Sonic and delete the "Update Manager" folder.

      NOTE: You may need to enable hidden files. Do this within Windows Explorer by going to Tools --> Folder Options --> Viewtab and select Show Hidden Files and Folders.
  • If your software was bundled with hardware, here are the solutions for the most frequented bundles. Sonic software is licensed and distributed by the manufacturers that it is bundled with. While Sonic provides support for the software, the manufacturer of the bundle is in charge of any updates and replacements.
    • Dell: Go to Dell's support site with your service tag number for any updates that your version of RecordNow may require.
    • Sony: You can get downloads for both MyDVD and RecordNow directly from these websites. Be sure that your software has been registered and is installed on your system:
  • HP/Compaq: HP and Compaq are in charge of any updates that may be required for RecordNow. Please contact them for any available updates.


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