Verification error after burning in Toast or Popcorn

Verification errors do not necessarily mean that the disc is bad. Here are some common sources of verification errors:


  1. If you burn DVD+RW or DVD-RW without doing a full erase, you can get verification errors.
  2. Toast compares the content on the disc to the content on the HD. If the content on the HD has changed since the burn, the verification can fail. This usually happens if a .DS_Store file changes on the HD after it is burned to the discIf the Mac OS Finder has changed file properties, such as modification dates.
  3. If you are burning a DVD Video from an existing VIDEO_TS folder, Toast may modify the IFO files burned to the disc such that the offsets will playback correctly.
  4. Also, when burning DVD video, Toast will repair the IFO files in the Video_TS folder to fix the offsets so that the disc will work correctly. This can also case verification errors, since the IFO are different.
  5. Verification errors can also be due to bad failing RAM, and removing replacing the bad RAM resolves the problem.


You can also use the Toast Compare option to verify your source data matches the burned disc. Verification only compares source data to a recorded disc, while Compare can compare any two data sets, such as 2 files, folders, or hard disks. Compare checks each individual file when comparing the data, while verification compares only blocks of data. Both are accurate, but Compare is more precise and can usually tell you exactly which file is missing or damaged.


To use the Compare option, Select Utilities ->Compare.


Toast 5


Some of these options will also help out for Toast 6 and higher as well as Popcorn.

  1. Most verification errors are caused by having outdated firmware on your recorder. You may need to apply the latest update. Note: Some firmware updates are available only in Windows. This does not mean
    that the update will not fix your problem.
  2. Try another brand or color of recordable discs.
  3. If the problem persists, you may need to test with another recorder.


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