Your installer is lost, deleted, or corrupted

If you are reading this prior to needing a replacement disc, Roxio encourages you to make a backup of your software.

  • If you have received an incomplete or damaged package from an authorized Roxio reseller, please return the package to the vendor for an exchange.
  • If you have lost or damaged your original Roxio program disc, Roxio is unable to provide you with a replacement disc.

eStore or Downloaded Purchases

  • When purchasing software from the Roxio eStore, you are allowed 5 downloads in the period of 30 days if your installer should be corrupt, lost, or deleted.
  • The best way to avoid this issue in the future is to order the backup disc that is added to your cart. This will ensure you have a permanent physical back up of your installer and is sent to your billing address.
  • To find out how to re-download your software, please read the article on How to re-download software.


OEM or Bundled Software
  • If your Roxio product was bundled with or preloaded on your computer, you will need to contact the computer manufacturer for questions regarding software replacement.
  • If your Roxio product was bundled as part of a hardware purchase (such as a CD/DVD drive), you will need to contact the hardware vendor for any questions regarding software replacement.
  • Roxio Customer Service does not have access to versions of our software that may have been bundled with a third party product and can not assist in providing replacement discs for these versions.


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