Discs burned with Studio have no sound

This problem can be caused by several things. Follow the steps below to solve this problem:

1. Check is if the disc has sound in another player. Some older DVD players do not like some types of media. Try another Computer DVD player or a set top player and see if the disc does the same thing.

2. Make sure your computers sound card drivers are up to date. To do this check at your computer maker or sound card makers web site.

3. Delete your Auxiliary files. To do this, open Studio, and then go to the "File" Menu. Select "Delete Auxiliary files". This will remove the files used during the rendering make disc process.

In Avid Studio, Studio 16 and Studio 17 you can delete these files by going to Setup > Control Panel > Storage Locations. Then click the Delete render files button.

If the above steps fail see this FAQ on burn problems as well.


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