GDIPlus.dll Issues and Resolutions for Sonic products


Your security or anti-virus software has detected that Sonic's version of GDIPlus.dll is old or a security threat.


The GDIPlus.DLL file is used by Windows and other applications to manipulate 2D graphics, specifically JPEG images. An exploit was discovered where if a malicious JPEG file was posted on a web site and you viewed that site with Internet Explorer, your system could become infected.

A patch for this issue can be found here.

Regardless if you own a Roxio or Sonic product, the following precautions should be followed::

  1. Run Windows Update (Launch Internet Explorer -> Tools-> Windows Update) and make sure you have installed all updates. Specifically, make sure that you have installed the update labeled "Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool (KB873374)". This will update the GDIPlus.DLL file in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, which is the location that Sonic products check in Windows XP. In Media Center Edition computers, there maybe an additional version of this .dll in C:\WINDOWS\ehome\CreateDiscand should be replaced as well.

This issue has been fixed in later versions of Roxio software.

  • Please note that the "GDI+ Detection Tool" will detect a copy of the GDIPlus.DLL file in the root of some Sonic products. The file is present legacy for purposes, and is not needed when using Windows XP. You can replace it with the updated version and this will have no other effect on the behavior of Sonic products or your overall system security.


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