How to print multiple photos

To print multiple photos per page, follow these steps:

  • Once you have edited your photo in PhotoSuite, choose Print from the File menu.
  • In the Layout box, select Multiple photos per page.
  • In the Category box, specify the paper type.
  • In the Template box, specify the template to be used. The template determines how the photos are arranged on the page.
  • To fill each page with multiple copies of the same photo, select Fill each page with the same photo. The number of times the photo appears depends on the template you select.

    Tip: To specify the maximum or minimum number of copies of each photo, select Repeat each photo and specify the number of times each photo appears.
  • Choose whether to crop the photo to fit the placeholder in the template. If the photo proportions are not the same as the proportions of the template, the application can crop the photo to fit the print area, or leave part of the print area blank. The first option may result in a larger photo.
  • To rotate the photo to fit the placeholder, select Auto-rotate to fit the placeholder.

    Tip: For more customization, click Advanced Options. For more information about the advanced options, click Helpon the Advanced Print Multiple Settings dialog box in the lower right corner.
  • Click the Print button to print your photos.


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