How to record audio files in with CD Spin Doctor

Before you begin recording from an Analog device such as a Tape deck or Turntable you need to make sure that the device is connected to your MAC through an audio input device such as an internal sound card or an iMicexternal audio input device, such as an iMic. CDSpin Doctor 3.0 supports 24 bit audio.

Click here an overview of how to connect various devices to your Mac.

How to capture audio from an analog source.

  1. Launch CD Spin Doctor
  2. On the New Project window select New Recording
  3. Click Continue
  4. From the Input Device pop-up menu, select the audio input device that the audio source is plugged into.
  5. From the Input Source pop-up menu, select the jack on the audio input device that the audio source is plugged into.
  6. From the Recording Quality pop-up menu, choose the quality you want for the resulting audio file. The quality shown matches what the selected input device supports:


  • Voice Quality: Choose if you are recording from a microphone.
  • CD Quality: Choose if you plan to make an audio CD.
  • DVD Quality:Choose for DVD quality, better than CD quality.
  • DVD High Quality: Choose for DVD high quality, better than DVD Quality.
  • Custom Setting: Allows you to choose a from a list of custom options such as 24 bits, as long as the input device supports it.


  • Click on the red Record button
  • Once you have finished recording click the Stop button
  • Click OK
  • CD Spin Doctor will generate a wave file to show you the recording, which you can then edit.

Notes: You will need 10 MB of free hard disk space for every 1 minute of audio you record at CD quality. When recording in 24 bit audio you have a time limit of 45 minutes for your recording. To record longer than 45 minutes, you will need to save your work and start a new recording.


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