Project buildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed" when trying to burn a disc

You can work around this issue by creating your project as a disc image and then burning the image.

To burn a disc image of your project from MyDVD:

  1. Click on red Burn Project button.


  • In the Burn Project window, deselect "Burn to Disc" and then select "Save disc image file".


  • Click the Browse button.


  • In the Save to image file window, choose the folder you want to save your disc image and choose a file name.


  • Click Save.


  • In the Burn Project window, click Burn.

    Once you have created a disc image file of your project, you can then burn it to a disc by doing the following:
    1. Insert your blank disc.
  • Click on the Data - Copy tab in Creator.


  • Under the Create heading, select Burn Disc Image.


  • Under "Choose Image", click Browse.


  • In the Open window, navigate to the disc image of the project you saved and click Open.


  • Under "Copy To", select the drive that has your blank disc.


  • Click the green Copy button to burn your disc.


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