Sharing a Roxio PhotoShow

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When you finish editing a PhotoShow, you are taken to the Share page, where you can share the show in a variety of ways:

  • Email - Send your PhotShow via our easy to use email tool with addresses you type in or from imported from AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, Plaxo, Outlook, or other address book.


  • HTML link -You can publish the PhotoShows in your account on other web sites like MySpace or Facebook, on your blog, or wherever you can add your own HTML. Our automatic embedding tool makes it easy.


  • Order a PhotoShow DVD - PhotoShow DVDs are the best way to view your PhotoShows on TV. Every PhotoShow DVD is professionally printed and packaged by our custom DVD service. You even get to choose the cover design and which photos will appear on the front and back of your DVD case.


  • Broadcast your PhotoShow on TV via Cable on Demand - Broadcast your PhotoShows on cable TV for your friends and family to enjoy on their local Video on Demand system.

Emailing a PhotoShow

  1. On the Share or PhotoShow page, click Email.


  • Add your recipients' email addresses to the To field, separated by commas. You can also click Import to import email addresses from your AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, Plaxo, Outlook, or other address book.


  • Add your own email address to the Your email address field.


  • Add a personal message to the Message field.


  • Click Send.

HTML code for Social Networking or Website

  1. On the Share page or PhotoShow page, click Post.


  • Choose the web site where you want to publish your PhotoShow.


  • If prompted, fill in your username and password in the appropriate fields.


  • If prompted, specify your publication settings and/or destination.


  • Adjust your PhotoShow player options to control how the embedded show will appear.


  • When you are ready to publish your show, click Post or copy & paste the HTML code as necessary.

Ordering a PhotoShow DVD

  1. On the Sharepage or PhotoShow page, click DVD.


  • Use the Choose quantity drop-down menu to specify the number of DVDs you want to order.


  • Click Submit.


  • You will be taken to an online DVD creation tool, where you can select the photos, text, and style for your custom packaging.


  • Complete your transaction in our online store.

Broadcasting on Cable TV

  1. Sign in to your Roxio Online account.


  • While viewing the PhotoShow you want to broadcast on the PhotoShow page, click TV.


  • Select an Area from the drop-down menu. Currently PhotoShowTV is only available in limited areas.


  • Click Broadcast to TV.


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