Understanding Shape Tools : Smear Tool

Smudging and smearing let you shape an object by pulling extensions or making indents along its outline. With smearing, the extensions and indents have a more fluid shape that decreases in width as you drag with the Smear tool.



To smear an object

1. Select an object by using the Pick tool .

2. In the toolbox, click the Smear tool .

3. Do one of the following:


• To smear the outside of an object, click outside an object, close to its edge, and drag outwards.

• To smear the inside of an object, click inside an object, close to its edge, and drag inwards.



You can also:



Change the radius of the brush nib

Type a value in the Nib radius box on the property bar.


Set the amount of smearing

Type a value in the Pressure box.


Use the pressure of a digital pen to control the amount of smearing

Click the Pen pressure button  on the property bar.


Use smooth curves when smearing

Click the Smooth smear button . 


Use curves with sharp corners when smearing

Click the Pointy smear button . 


Note: The difference between a smooth smear and pointy smear is noticeable only with higher Pressure values.



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