Where is PowerTrace?

PowerTrace is a utility to convert bitmaps into editable vector graphics. This tool is integrated within CorelDraw under Bitmaps.

This utility has three tools:

1. QuickTrace

You can trace a bitmap in one step by using the QuickTrace tool.

2. Centerline Trace

The Centerline Trace method uses unfilled closed and open curves (strokes) and is suitable for tracing technical illustrations, maps, line drawings, and signatures. This method is also referred to as stroke tracing.

You have the option to choose between:

Technical Illustration- to trace black and white illustrations with thin, faint lines

3. Outline Trace

Also referred to as fill or contour tracing. Outline Trace offers the following preset styles that are suitable for line art, logos, clipart, and photo images:


Line art traces black-and-white sketches and illustrations

Clipart traces ready-to-use graphics that vary according to their amount of detail and number of colors

Low quality image traces photos that lack fine detail (or that contain fine detail that you want to ignore)

High quality image traces high-quality, highly detailed photos

You can also access PowerTRACE from the Trace bitmap flyout button on the property bar.



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