E-mailing photos, videos, and slideshows in PaintShop Pro

You can e-mail photos, videos, and slideshows directly from Corel PaintShop Pro from either the Manage, Adjust or Edit Modes.

You can e-mail items in the following ways. Note that you can only send videos and slideshows as attachments. You will need to make sure that they do not exceed size requirements by your Mail Client.

Embedded Photos — Photos can be embedded in the body of your e-mail message. This means that the person who receives your message, can see the photos inside the body of the e-mail. Embedded photos only appear in e-mail that uses the HTML message format as this is a standard message format. However, if you know your recipient uses plain text or Rich Text Format (RTF), then use the Attachments option.

Attachments — You can send photos, videos, or slideshows (saved as .show files) as individual file attachments. The original file format is preserved, and the e-mail recipient can choose how they want to view the photos and videos.


Choosing a size for your photos

You can resize your photos to reduce the dimensions or the overall size of the e-mail. For example, you can reduce the size of a photo to send it to a cell phone. The Maximum Photo Size setting lets you choose the maximum width of the photos in pixels (px) without affecting the proportions of the image. For example, if your photo is 2048 px × 1536 px, and you choose a maximum photo size of 640 px, then your image is resized to 640 px × 480 px. The dimension information for each image is displayed above the preview thumbnail in the E-mail dialog box. The total e-mail size estimate is displayed beside the preview thumbnail.

E-mail application

To send items using e-mail, you must connect to the Internet and your computer must have a default e-mail application that supports the MAPI Standard (such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail) and be configured to use the MAPI e-mail client.

To e-mail photos, videos, or slideshows:

Full Editor / Edit Mode

1. Choose FileE-mail, and choose one of the following options:

  • Active image — lets you send the image that is currently active in the image window
  • All open images — lets you send all the images that are open in the image window
  • All selected items — lets you send all the items (photos, videos, or slideshows) that you currently have selected in the Organizer or a media tray

2. In the E-mail dialog box, choose one of the following options:

  • Embedded photos — displays images in the body of your e-mail message.
  • Attachments (original file format) — sends items as individual file attachments. This option preserves the original file formats.

3. Choose a size setting from the Maximum photo size drop-list

  • This setting is not available for slideshows and videos.
  • The total size of your e-mail is displayed beside the preview.

Some e-mail providers limit the size of e-mails, which could prevent e-mails larger than 1 MB from being sent or received. You can reduce the size of the e-mail by choosing a smaller Maximum photo size setting or by selecting fewer photos.


The Embedded Photos option is available only for e-mail clients that support extended MAPI, such as Outlook.

You can review the items you are sending by clicking the playback arrows that appear under the Preview thumbnail.

You can also e-mail photos from the Organizer by selecting the photos, and clicking the Share as E-mail button on the Organizer toolbar.


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