How to merge the address book information to a Label...

How can I merge my address book information to a label?

To merge the address book information to a labels...

  1. Start WordPerfect.
  2. From a blank document, click Format, Labels...
  3. Select your label definition and click Select.
  4. Click Tools, Merge.
  5. Click Form Document, select Create Form Document and select "Use file in active Window" and click OK.
  6. From Associate Form and Data, select Associate an Address Book.
  7. Press the down arrow key to the right and select the appropriate book and click OK.
  8. From the Merge toolbar, click Insert Field...
  9. A list of field names will be displayed. Insert the field names you want to include on your label.
    For example: Select Last Name, click Insert Select First Name, click Insert and press Enter Select Street, click Insert, press Enter Select City, click Insert, type a comma Select State, click Insert and press Enter Select Zip, click Insert, click Close.
  10. Once you have all the fields inserted on your label, click Merge. A new document will be created with alabel containing the information from your address book.

To create a page of identical labels,see the knowledgebase article.


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