Install and Download problem - File not found - Filename Part 2 of 2 dat

In some rare cases while trying to install a download version of a Pinnacle or Avid Studio editing product you may run into a “File not found” error referencing a file “Filename_Part-2-of-2.dat” (where “Filename” equals the name of the product). If this problem exists, the first thing that you will notice is a “waiting” screen where the installer is looking for the correct file. This can take approximately 15 minutes.

After the wait period is over it will present the File not found error.

This problem is due to filename_Part-2-of-2.dat being missing, renamed, or moved. Each product download has two parts, Part-1-of-2.exe and Part-2-of-2.dat. Both of these files must present and in the same folder. To resolve this problem, locate “Filename_Part-2-of-2.dat” and ensure that it is in the same location as “Filename_Part-1-of-2.exe”. If you cannot find “Filename_Part-2-of-2.dat”, we recommend that you log into and re-download the product.


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