Mark In and Mark Out shortcuts do not function in the project timeline in Studio

This document applies to Studio 16 and Avid Studio

This is the expected behavior. In Studio the Mark In and Mark Out related shortcuts function in the Source preview only. This includes the following shortcuts:


  • Mark In (I or A)
  • Mark Out (O or S)
  • Jump to Mark In (Ctrl+I)
  • Jump to Mark Out (Ctrl+O)
  • Clear Mark In (Shift+I)
  • Clear Mark Out (Shift+O)
  • Clear Mark in and Out (Shift+U)

In order to use these shortcuts, you can set the Mark In and Out on a clip and then add the already trimmed clip to the project either by pressing the B hotkey or by clicking the "Send or drag clip to timeline" button.

Note: If you drag and drop a clip from the Compact Library with Mark Ins and Outs set it will lose the Marks. Therefore only add the clip to the project using the methods mentioned above.


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