Menu navigation problems after updating to Avid Studio 1.1

In some cases after updating to Avid Studio 1.1, menu chapter buttons may navigate to the wrong location in the project. This does not occur in every disc player, but it seems to happen in many of them. This navigation problem only occurs when there isReturn to Menu markers used in the project.

There are two possible solutions:

Option #1: Use the DVD Hotfix

We have a hotfix which may resolve the problem:

  1. Download
  2. Unzip the contained DVD_Hotfix.exe and run it
  3. Change the installation folder if Avid Studio is not installed in the default location
  4. Click Yes on the install dialog to complete the process.
  5. Export to disc again and check if the issue is resolved.

Option #2: Try separating the menu return from the Chapter link

It has been reported that you may be able to resolve the problem by separating the menu return and the next chapter link by at least one frame at each menu return location. Here is an example of how it would look:

Note #1: It is easiest to zoom in as far as you can on the timeline when you do this. This way you can be sure that there is at least one frame gap.

Note #2: If you use the Create Link button to place the next chapter link with a gap, it will snap to the nearby return marker, so you will need to drag it at least one frame from the menu return.

Option #3: If Option #1 & 2 does not work & you can do without menu returns.

Remove the menu returns from the project. You can leave the menu return at the very end of the project. This is not removable and does not cause a problem. When you create the disc, the menu buttons should point to the correct location in the project.

Option #4: If Option #1 & 2 does not work & you absolutely must have menu returns and you have an Avid Studio 1.0 installer.

If you absolutely need menu returns in your project and you have an Avid Studio 1.0 installer you canUninstall and reinstall Avid Studio. This time do not patch to Avid Studio 1.1. Now you can use menu returns without the navigation problem. The downside of course is that you lose the benefits that are provided with the 1.1 patch.


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