Pinnacle Check Your Order Status Phone Numbers

If you have a question concerning the status of your Pinnacle product order, please contact Pinnacle e-store support at one of the following telephone numbers:
  • North and South America - 1 (US) 952-646-5607
  • United Kingdom -353 (Ireland)61230405
  • France -353 (Ireland) 61230406
  • Germany -353 (Ireland)61230407
  • Italy -353 (Ireland)61230408
  • Netherlands -353 (Ireland)61230409
  • Spain -353 (Ireland)61230410
  • ASIA, Australia, and other European countries - please call the UK office

Note that these numbers are only applicable if your product was purchased on or after Sept 28, 2012. For products purchased before this date please use your Avid account


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