Why are there static or still frames through my video transition with Pinnacle Avid Studio App (iOS)

This information applies to Pinnacle / Avid Studio which runs on iOS.

In the case that there is no more video available at the front or end of a clip, and in order to maintain the previously set sync and duration of your project, static frames are added to the beginning or end of your outgoing or incoming clips through the transition. If this is not the desired outcome you can easily trim your clip to retain full motion, but you may do so at the expense of moving previously made cuts and edits to a different point in your project timeline.

For example: Add two clips to your project, and leave them at their full duration. Add the dissolve transition between these two clips. Note the static frames.

Now, add two clips to your project, but trim off 1 second (or more) from each where they meet. Now add the dissolve transition. The playback is fluid throughout.


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