How to use the Studio 16 and Avid Studio Navigation Bar


The Navigation Bar controls both the location of the timeline being viewed and the amount of zoom in the timeline. This bar is located at the bottom of the timeline.

To change viewed location

To change the location of the timeline being viewed simply left-click and drag the bar to the left or the right.


To zoom in/out

To zoom in and out, left-click on either end of the bar and drag left or right.

To zoom in: Dragging in makes the bar smaller, meaning that a smaller area of the timeline is being seen.

To zoom out: Dragging out makes the bar larger, meaning that a larger area of the timeline is being seen.


Note: Double-clicking on the position/zoom bar will resize it automatically so that it perfectly fits the length of the project.


What are the different colored bars under the position/zoom bar?

You may notice that there are bars of varying colors on the track that the position/zoom bar slides along. This is a graphical representation of your project.


Here is a key to what the various content types and how they are represented here:

Green - Titles

Light Blue - Videos

Dark Blue - Photos

Yellow – Audio

Purple - Montage

Orange - Current selected content

Red Vertical Line - Timeline scrubber


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