Installing bonus content for Studio 15 and Avid Studio

In some cases you might notice that the Bonus Content that you expected to see is not installed. Here is a chart that shows what Bonus Content you get with Studio 15 or Avid Studio.

Studio 15 HD

Studio 15 HD Ultimate

Studio 15 HD Ultimate Collection

Avid Studio



Hollywood FX 1

Hollywood FX 2

Hollywood FX 3

Premium Pack 1

Premium Pack 2

Scorefitter Vol. 1

Scorefitter Vol. 2

Creative Pack 1

There can be a couple of reasons why you might not see the Bonus Content.

Case 1: You purchased a disc version or download version of Studio.

Insert the disc or restart the downloaded installer. When the Welcome screen appears, install the Bonus Content. Here is an example of the Studio 15 Welcome screen.


Click on the Bonus Content option and follow the on-screen prompts. Once installed, it will be available within Studio.

Case 2: You unlocked to a full version of Studio from a trial.

In this case even though you may have purchased the full version from the trial, you need to download the Bonus Content before installing it.

After your purchase is complete and you have successfully upgraded from the trial to Avid Studio, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the Bonus Content. Be sure to check the email you received for the links.

Once the Bonus Content is downloaded, you can then install it.

In case you misplaced the email that you received, the following links will allow you to install the free Bonus Content. Make sure that you download the appropriate one for your product.

Studio 15 Bonus Content Installer

Avid Studio Bonus Content Installer

Additional Bonus Content – Avid Studio Only

Customers that upgrade to the full version of Avid Studio from the Avid Studio Trial can also get the following content packs for free:

  • Scorefitter Volume 1
  • Scorefitter Volume 2
  • Creative Pack Volume 1

To get this content, just click on the link to the content in the Bonus Content email that you received. This will take you directly to the download. In addition after you click on the link in the email, the content will be added to the Your Products section in

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