Is it possible to change the project format/resolution while editing a project?

This document applies to Studio 16 and Avid Studio.

Yes, this is a new feature of Studio. In previous versions of Studio once you started a project, the project format was set permanently. In Studio, you can change the project format at any time. To do this, click the Timeline Resolution button in the upper-left corner of the timeline.


That will open up the Timeline Resolution window.

In this window you can adjust:

1. Aspect

2. Size

3. Framerate

The available sizes are dependent on what you have selected for Aspect. The available Framerates are dependent on what you what selected or Size. For example, change keep the Aspect set at Windscreen (16:9), I have several options to choose from in the Size pull-down.

Tr 03.jpg

If the Aspect was changed to Standard (4:3), then there are less available choices for Size (NTSC Standard and PAL Standard).

Tr 04.jpg

These changes can be made at any time while editing a project. It is very important to make sure that this is set properly. If you are exporting to disc it can potentially cause playback problems if the project format is set to something other than the player can play. For examplemany DVD players in North America cannot play PAL format discs.

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