Microsoft KB981266 message during Avid Studio installation

In some cases during installation a message stating that Microsoft KB981266 is not on the computer might occur.


Duringinstallation, the Avid installer checks for specific operating system hotfixes and updates that are known to be required for the optimal functioning of Avid Studio. In rare cases, this particular message may be generated even when the hotfix installation is not required.

Specifically, this may occur even in the case of one of the two following conditions:

  • The KB981266 hotfix is already installed
  • KB981266 is not applicable to the installed operating system

Even if you suspect that this hotfix is not actually required on your particular system, it is recommended that you proceed through the installation by clicking on the OK button to launch the Microsoft installer for the hotfix. If in fact the hotfix is not required, the Microsoft installer will handle the situation correctly, and no hotfix installation will take place. A system restart is only done if the Microsoft installer indicates this is necessary, and this is rare, even in cases where the hotfix installation does takes place.

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