Pinnacle Studio 16 and Avid Studio Burn Problems

This article applies to Pinnacle Studio 16 & Avid Studio.

Before proceeding with this FAQ, please read through the FAQ on DVD playback problems. Click here to see the FAQ on DVD play back problems. It is easy to think the issue is related to a problem burning the disc when it very well could be a playback problem such as a disc not playing in a particular player.

Specific Errors

If you are getting a specific error, it is likely one of the errors listed below. Click on the link to go to the FAQ on that specific error:

Avid Studio Export Errors

Burn Error: DVD Menu is incorrect. Please create chapters and link all menus

Burn Error: The inserted disc does not match the target size

Burn Error: ‘Target Disc not Big Enough’ or ‘There is not enough space on the inserted disc’

Burn Error: “Insert a new disc” or “The inserted disc is not blank”

Burn Error: The disc export has experienced an internal error (‘ErrorCode’)

Burn Error: Creating the disc image has experienced an internal error

Burn Error: Writing the (xxxx) has experienced an unknown error. Please insert another disc and press OK to retry.

If you are getting a different error or having a burn problem other than an error message, try the following troubleshooting.

General Troubleshooting

1. Update to the latest patch:

Click here to download the latest Avid Studio patch.

Click here to download the latest Studio 16 patch

2. Restart Studio: Shut down Studio and then restart it. Try to create the disc again.

3. Restart the computer: Shut down the computer and then restart it. Launch Studio and try to create the disc again.

4. Create an Image first: Create the disc content first and then burn the disc as a separate step. To begin, click "Create Image" in the Exporter. If this process completes, it is a burn problem and not a render problem. Once the disc image is created, in a second step select "Burn Image" in the Exporter. Studio will prompt you to browse to the disc image folder that you already created and begin to burn. If it still fails, continue to Step5.

5. Always re-encode: In the Exporter click the Advanced button to go to the Advanced Settings. Check “Always re-encode entire movie” and click Apply.

6. Change the preset: If you are using a Custom preset try changing the preset to “Fit to disc” and click Apply.

7. Delete the Render Files: Delete the Render Files by going to Setup > Control Panel. In the Control Panel select Storage Locations. Finally, click the “Delete render files” button. Try and create the Disc again.

8. Check Disc Speed: Make sure that the disc media speed (printed on the media or on the media box) is compatible with the DVD burner. Some burners may not work with media that has a higher maximum supported burn speed. For example, if the burner being used supports 4x disc media, do not use 16x disc media.

9. Get the latest firmware: Ensure that the burner being used has the latest firmware update from the burner manufacturer.

10. Media Issues: There could be an issue with the disc media.

a. BLANK MEDIA IN THE DRIVE: Make sure that there blank, disc in the burner.

b. TYPE OF DISC: Make sure that your disc burner supports the media you use. As for any problem with burning a disc, we recommend that you use rewriteable media to reduce the number of wasted discs when they have to troubleshoot a failure while burning. In this case, if you have only used rewriteable media (RW), we would also recommend trying to use a write once (-/+ R) disc and erasing the RW media.

c. BRAND OF DISC: We recommend using a name brand of DVD, i.e. Sony, Memorex, etc. We recommend trying a disc from a different manufacturer to see if the problem is related to the brand of disc that is being used.

NOTE: Check with the following site to find information on the media being used.

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