Previously purchased plug-ins are not available in Avid Studio

The reason for this is likely that you need to install an updated version of the plug-in. When an updated version of a plug-in is released, it is automatically available for you on your account. You simply need to download and install it (in case you have an older version installed, uninstall this version before installing the most recently downloaded one). Follow this procedure:

1. Uninstall the previous version from Add/Remove Programs in Windows Control Panel.

2. Log into

3. From the Account Management page click “Your Products”

4. From the Your Products page select the product and download.

5. Install the plugin from the downloaded installer.

If the plug-ins that are not available are plug-ins which were acquired from the old Pinnacle Studio Bonus DVD, they are likely not compatible with Avid Studio. See this FAQ for more information.


Avid Studio Compatibility with Previous Studio Version Content:

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