What is the difference between the Movie Editor and the Disc Editor


This document applies to Avid Studio and Studio 16

The Movie Editor and Disc Editor have basically the same toolset with one big difference. The difference is that Disc Editor is the only editor that allows for the use of menus. If you want to create a disc with a menu structure you can either start the project in the Disc Editor from the beginning, or you can start the project in the Movie Editor as a Movie Project and convert the Movie Project to a Disc Project when you are ready to add the menu structure. For more information on how to convert a Movie Project to a Disc Project see this FAQ:


How to convert a Movie Project to a Disc Project


Alternately, you can also add an entire Movie Project or multiple Movie Projects to a single Disc Project. To accomplish this, open Movie Projects in a tab of the Compact Library. This will display your Movie Projects. To add the Movie Projects to the Disc project, just drag them from the Library to the Timeline.


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